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Let’s check in, how are you? It’s been a while since I’ve written to you all. Bared my soul to you – the people of the internet. Thank you for always following along and supporting my mission of Love, Peace, Yoga and Art. Here’s a thanks going out to all the people who might be close at heart but far apart. Here’s a thanks to you who I see often. Our path’s are beautifully intertwined for the time being.. There are some goodies and free videos for you all at the end of this – I hope you enjoy and are able to check it out!

So I suppose I will update you on my corona life. Lately I literally have one million thoughts floating around in my head. I find myself going through phases of extreme productivity, and then phases of being lost in space again. These are times of big emotional, spiritual and physical shifts in our world and we are all feeling it. Sometimes I lose time on my Iphone scrolling until my fingers hurt, overwhelmed by all the things that I could and should be doing. Do you guys ever have that problem. Is it a problem? or – Is it a blessing, to have this amazing brain that we can talk to that helps get us through life the best that we can. How can we best utilize our brain power? I don’t have all of the answers to these questions. But they are things that I think about often.

I don’t announce things often. I’m shy like that. But I wanted to share with you all formally – I got engaged! and I’m so excited about it. I love Antonio so much. He is the protector of my world and my rock. We’ve done a lot of beautiful living together. You know when someone really gets you, then there’s that connection, and just….. – it’s so nice to be so rawly human with your people.

I’m feeling very grateful and fortunate, and at the same time a little sad. I’ve experienced some loss, some unexpected suffering, health issues, due to all of these changes and uprisings in our world. But with that loss and pain some space was created for play, exploration, digging deep and letting go.

For some of the things that made me feel pain or sadness, There’s a part of me that wants to dig really deep, analyze it, overcome any future chance of anything bad ever happening again. Exhaust all options to the Nth degree – you feel me? And then there’s that part of me that wants to let it all go. The struggling, the emotion, the pain, the joy.

I think hard sometimes… spinning in circles – What is it exactly that I struggle for? Wait a minute…..oh yes, now I remember.


So I remember this one truth in my life, and I proceed forward on my little tiny warrior mission.

Sending you all love, encouragement, and light. Namaste

-Mariah “The Tiniest Warrior”


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