Love, Yoga

Make time for you!

“And if you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”

-Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

  • Are you are considering who’s list you are checking off when you hit your to do’s?
  • Are you really doing the little things that you want to do every day?
  • Is this clutter holding you back from accomplishing your goals

I can recall plenty of times that I’ve accepted tasks or given time to fruitless contacts out of obligation. More often then not  I’ve found myself feeling exhausted and unfulfilled. As I’ve been slowly eliminating things from my house that I’m no longer using… I’m also starting to look at my day and where I spend my time… Where is my  limited energy going? Is it helping me, or is it harming me?

I really think that you need to keep what’s most important to you in the forefront of your mind if you want it to manifest. Make sure that everything that you do, is good for you, and make sure it lines up to the goals most important to you in life.

This weekend, we declared it…. RELAX WEEKEND! (yay) I sang it all work week long… I was ready to re-charge my chi. No one can do everything –  TV, Magazines, Instagram, (even my beloved Pinterest) Facebook and every other fake highlighted version of life tells you that it’s possible – but it is not! Show me someone who is happy 100% of the time… and I’ll show you that I can grow to be six feet tall! (I’m 4″11 so you get the jist)

Show me someone who is peaceful 90% of the time? …. they must be doing yoga.. 😉

Real talk – what do you want on your sandwich? You have to know what you want in life, if you want the universe to make it happen for you. Nobody will be serving you a big plate of I don’t know or I’m not sure. Do you think your going to be happy with what you get, if you don’t take care in choosing?

  • I want to be happy more often than I am not in all things that I’m doing.
  • I want to do crafts
  • I want to eat delicious healthy food
  • I want my body to be healthy
  • I want to garden and spend more time outside
  • I want to work hard toward projects that will make me smarter
  • I want to feel rested
  • I want to see my family and my pets more
  • I want to check in with people I love more often

Who the hell is stopping me? Oh – wait… Is it me?

Reminders! You are beautiful, strong and whole! You are an amazing individual just the way you are, remember to put your best foot forward! Have a good week ❤

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