Friday Vibes

I hope you all are well! I wanted to share about my day, and what we have going on in the Movement Department. If our stars align…. you could join me for a fun activity!

On Friday mornings I start with family breakfast. Dad has the day off so we all sit while chatting about the weekend. Friday’s workday starts with a Meditation & Chair Stretching class. Sometimes Sophia joins me, but today – she asked for a day home with her papa. I finished my food, gave everyone a kiss goodbye, then headed off to work!

I’ve been doing Friday morning with Miss Ginny last few 2 years. We are kindred spirits. Today we chatted and caught up about our week. She brought me some valentines chocolate! (Yay!) and I asked her a few questions to get a feel for how her body is doing. We talk about aches and pains and how reaching down to the floor and walking to the mailbox is a little tough. I keep these things in mind, so I know how best to move with her – and we start class.

Friday morning are relaxed, Class starts at 10…ish! If you are a few minutes late – We never mind. Before I had the baby – we had a steady class of 4-5 ladies that joined us every week. Now, we are starting over fresh now that I’ve come back from mat leave and It’s just me and Miss Ginny. We have room for a few more people, and we hope that… one of them can be you ❤

We spend a few minutes breathing and meditating while I talk her through the steps. We use straps, blocks, and blankets to be comfy in our chairs. We loosen our shoulders and hips. We connect with our center and clear out some of the tension hanging around in our backs and necks. Before we know it 45 minutes has passed and we finish class. We both open our eyes and smile – We’ve found that sweet spot in life and we both savor it.

I say goodbye! Big Hug for Miss Ginny (Hugs are of course optional not required) And I came home for a bit for lunch and to relax before I come back in the evening for Aerial Yoga.

Tonight is Aerial! The energy is upbeat and we are going to tone our abs and legs, and stretch some! It’s a laid back environment, but we always get a great workout and a little sweat.

I strive to make all of my classes inclusive so If you need to bring along your little one, that’s great! If you need a slower pace and a bit more instruction – I got you! If you need to text me 3 weeks in a row, to say that your coming (and then bail) but finally make it in on that 4th try.. FANTASTIC, I’m so proud of you!

I’ve set up my schedule for teaching… Mondays, Thursday, and Friday. I’m a mom now – so extracurriculars are tough! If you want to see me, do something healthy together, feel good and hang out – Here is my personal invitation! I probably miss ya and would love to see you! The classes are affordable and the price pays for the comfy space and the lesson plans. My main goal is to move and see you healthy.

As always, feel free to text me 321-704-1173 or Email me: tinywarriorhenna@gmail.com with any questions. Hope you can move with me soon! To view the class schedule click here.

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