Ashtanga – Yoga every day for the rest of your life

I had the rare pleasure of taking a workshop with David Williams this past weekend – A leading expert of Ashtanga yoga in the US.

Previously, I had been a bit hesitant to practice Ashtanga regularly. From my experience with it, it seemed to be something I would not teach to others. There were a lot of extreme poses, where someone could easily injure under my watch and I generally try to avoid this when writing my sequences.

Under the encouragement of my own home “Guru” I decided to go. I am so glad I did. I left the meeting with a fresh perspective and a little homework for myself. The way that David practices Ashtanga (which is a very traditional straight from the source approach) shows that one could practice safely on a daily basis, for a lifetime.

Check him out online! I highly recommend his teaching!



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