5 Ways Growing Plants can help you Bloom!

Happy Memorial Day! My dad was in the navy –  Sending thanks to all who served.

It was also world Bonsai day this past week & I wanted to write a post about that, and also a bit about what we have been up to in the garden. Antonio and I have been building our garden up for the last year and a half not only with vegetables but also with Bonsai plants. We really enjoy the peace that growing things bring. He’s into the little plants (Bonsai), and I’m into food. How fitting for our personalities 😉

We had a busy week, attending a wedding (Congrats Kaci and Ryan!)  But still managed to sneak to Disney/Epcot to see the bonsai display up last weekend and THIS weekend we got to enjoy the Bonsai Society of Florida’s Convention at the Florida Mall! There is a raffle (we won last year, but not this year. shoot!)  and over 40 Award winning Bonsai’s lining the room. It’s absolutely breathtaking to see all of the carefully groomed trees and appreciate how much love was put into growing each one.

Without further ado – here are 5 reasons why you might benefit from growing

  1. Plants help you to stay grounded! Getting back in touch with nature can help you to learn to notice the little things and appreciate them. New leaves, new growth, and beautiful flowers.
Pretty Tree from the bonsai convention. The white just melted my life.

2. Bonsai’s teach you about balance –  The traditional art of trimming a bonsai tree encourages to to trim the tree in a way that mimics nature, Balanced, so that the tree does not topple over. You must balance the appropriate amount of water, soil, light, and leaves to ensure that your plant thrives. In life, you must also strive for balance to thrive. It helps you learn to build a routine that promotes this.

Notice how the tree is balanced on the left and also on the right.

3. Gardening helps you give back to the planet – We spend so much time eating up things, why not grow something? Not to mention, Plants add oxygen naturally back in to the air.

Teeny tiny olives on an award winning olive bonsai. So sweet!

4. Plants and Bonsai’s get you outside! You start to notice nature more often now. began to walk around my neighborhood and have been able to appreciate many plants that I may have overlooked before


5. It’s good to give love and be reminded that growth takes time and effort. There is a beauty in that. Flowers, new branches, new roots, and the fruits of  your labor all give you love back.

Here’s what we’ve been up to at the Bonsai Convention, and out in out in our garden. What are you growing in your life? If you like what I write, please share my blog on your social media or consider writing back @ or commenting below. I’d love to hear from you.


The first round of beets that I harvested in my garden. I was so excited!!!

With Love  – Mariah

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