I looked back and realized that I haven’t pushed out an article in over 6 months. To this you might ask – “Well damn woman – what have you been doing?” All the things! is the answer to this question. But…. I’m trying to change my ways. And – I’ve just turned 26.

Yesterday I received an Animal reading and I pulled Octopus. My sister and I have been practicing with Sister decks. I was gifted the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck & and she has the matching animal set which is adorable. Let me paint a picture of octopus for you – water, 8 arms, all over the place! Tentacles into everything. It’s so metaphorical and accurate to how I tend to get when I’m out of alignment. I had over 12 half started blog articles staring at me in que. All stressing me out, all random jumblings of words and thoughts unfinished, all majorly blocking my energy.

So, I’m thinking and I think that this injury is a God-wink. I was talking to a lovely stranger one day, and she referred to these little signs in life as God-winks.. how accurate. Perhaps, a blessing in disguise. I’m injured right now, and It’s really shifted my practice and I’m learning how to soften, slow and zen. How to meditate more and more often. How to clear my mind so I can focus. So much so, that I decided for my twenty-sixth birthday that I would stay home for 5 days, take a little staycation and clear my brain. What I realized is that I could use a month of stay-cations and nothing days just to balance all the insane amount of work I have been doing over the last few months.

A nice day off where I  didn’t stare at facebook, where I could take took two naps, do yoga, watch a show, pamper myself, played tarot in the garden, lay in my room and write was unheard of… Now I’m realizing that these days are where the magic in my life will happen. There is something beautiful happening inside of me as I embrace my intuition and connection to my source. We all have this power and joy inside our hearts buried under stress and suppressed emotions. But you have the power to clear your heart by practicing loving yourself. Find what it is you want, go into the world and find the ability to manifest that dream. The catch is.. you have to breathe and slow down and live in the moment and find it. Be open to listening to your body, accepting what it needs, loving it, resting.

I’ve spent my life trying to do as much as I can to be efficient and productive. I’ve realized that I know nothing. I’m beginning to find this do everything, be everything, look super fit & perfect, superwoman vibe I’ve been trying to rock for so long is total bullshit that leaves you drained and sad. The reality is the opposite is true. Less is more…  Slow is fine. Maybe I move with intention. I have everything I need. There’s no need to rush, life is sweet and love even in the hardest moments. I’ve had some really sad and dark days lately. We all do.. but I think it’s really important to stay in connection with your source of love.. God, within the self. The source of everything ❤ .

One day I will share what I went through here, but today isn’t the day for that story, and that’s okay! I love myself for being okay where I am (I also promise that I will give a proper update and talk about what I’ve gone through and have done before I royally burnt out – but more on that another day 😉

Please follow and share my blog/insta if you’d like to share the positive vibez and encouragement and cool experiences that I’m trying to put out there. Email me if you ever have any yoga lifestyle, art, or tarot questions. almerez.mariah@gmail.com. May all beings everywhere be happy and free.

Namaste ❤




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