Happiness can come from Grattitude.

In today’s post, I want to share some thanks to the people that I’ve been working with since I’ve quit my full-time job in April to work in yoga.

To anyone out there reading this far, thank you for reading what I have to say. I am building this site to help you share things I explore that might help you find more peace and balance day to day. It’s fun, I like the feeling of being honest and sharing. I spent a long time feeling lost, and chasing the next promotion, the next vacation, purchase or whatever to trying to feel happy. Eventually, I started asking more questions of life and of myself.

I’ve been practicing Yoga for a long time. At a certain point, things started to slowly click for me, and I began to deepen my practice. Eventually, with encouragement, I enrolled in a teacher training. A few twists and turns, now here we are! Since it’s been about 3 months since I made the leap out of my corporate job, I wanted to share my thoughts and thanks.

  • Learning never stops. I’m learning to be humble, open & humourous. You can learn something new every day.
  • Social media is somewhat necessary but it doesn’t replace personal connections. I’ll always continue to post, but it’s not going be the main focus.
  • I’ve made plans to get certified in children’s yoga and to study prenatal. I’m really excited and thankful to the friends who support and share in this journey of mine! I’ve also gotten the opportunity to serve as the ambassador for the NYG Kids Yoga program. If you are interested in learning more yourself click here, The program is running a few good sales rates.
  • I am so thankful to the  artists and photographers I’ve worked with so far. They’ve all been amazing and help me build this site and posts. I think it’s important that I mention this – because it’s not realistic to set give the impression that I’m doing difficult poses all day every day (It’s just sometimes ;)) and that this is a one man band. That’s just not my reality, I’m so thankful for my community. I work with some fun people to make fun pictures to share with you guys online because I want to get the positive message of yoga out – I think that posting is one of those ways! If you like the photos and want to check out any of their links, here’s who I’ve been working with!
    • Space Coast Videos – http://www.spacecoastvideo.net/
      • Kick Ass Videos! Really unique and beautiful camera angles and focuses for videos. Original and fun film techniques.
    • Acevedo Photography – http://acevedophotography.zenfolio.com/
      • Great wedding and community photography. Really Shines with Family Photography as well. Really top of the line work and experience.
    • L&M Photography – https://l-mphotos.smugmug.com/
      • Really cool old school New York. Excellent Commercial & Event Photography. Has some awesome natural photos and scenery as well.
    • Lynsymadison – https://society6.com/lynsymadison Animation & freelance Artist. Designed my logo – Beautiful work!
  • I’ve been teaching and practicing on my own, as often as I can. I’ve added 3 additional classes and a Workshop July 8th at Downtown Yoga that I am teaching for this month! I am so excited, and at the same time really working to find balance with this.  I truly feel my own personal practice is the key to me being able to share the best information with you that I can find as a teacher. I love all of the teachers at Downtown Yoga and really feel honored to study & practice with such skilled and experienced teachers.
  • I’m expanding my website! –  I will have fun things to share with you in the upcoming year. It takes time! Hoping to have some at home yoga & meditation videos completed for you all,  and add more hand-made art items to my store for you to enjoy. Through it all, I want to always continue to do my best to bring relevant and meaningful content to the surface of this internet bubble we all can easily get stuck in. Real life is out there! Go out there and enjoy it ❤ ❤
  • I’ve gotten to Shadow a yoga class for students with disabilities. I’ll be writing about that next week! It was an awesome experience and I am so excited to be able to share that with you all!

Namaste! Please comment, Share & send feedback on what you would like to hear more about. I would love to hear from you


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