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Schedule Time for Peace

Does working more or giving all of your time and energy to something or someone who you do not truly value really bring happiness?

No matter what, you can’t please everyone so why not do what feels best for you? This is something that I really struggle with. There are times when I care too much about about the perception of others and I get exhausted and caught up in the rat race.

I’ve really been trying to focus on using my planner so that I can re-prioritize my life, and fill my calendar with the things that I need, not what others have in mind for me.

Here’s what I’ve scheduled in more time for:

  • Family
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Time for myself & my art
  • Time to care for my home and my pets
  • Time with my significant other
  • Time to prepare healthy meals
  • Spiritual Study and reading (of any kind!)

Here’s what I’m trying to cut back on:

  • Talking about work while I am at home
  • Social Media
  • Drinking too much wine 🙂
  • Meeting with empty contacts
  • Spending my hard-earned cash (this is tough!)

To make sure that I do these things, I am literally writing them down and committing to it. If someone asks me to do something, I’ll check my calendar first. If it doesn’t work around the things that are most important to me…. sorry! It will just have to wait. I’ve only got one life, and I really want to feel the best that I can.
Know that it is okay, to take things slow and put priority to your mental health and physical wellness. You will only be better for it in the long run!

My PIC (partner in crime) and I have been trying to incorporate some basic Taoist principles in our lives in addition to Yoga, as there are many things that run parallel in the two schools of thought. He mentioned in passing that he wanted to take a Tai Chi class, and he found one online that we should do sometime.

Funny Story! We go on a few weeks, busy with life – then while I am out at an iconic burrito place in satellite beach with my two best friends, I see a little yin yang sticker on the wall – upon closer inspection, It’s a tai chi website. So I take a picture of it.. Looked it up and as it turns out, It’s the same one! We decide to follow the signs and take the path of least resistance and we go to Tai Chi on our Saturday morning.

 Now I have my own sticker 🙂

Last week was tough, and I’ve been going to counseling to deal with some things that have happened in my life. Tai Chi really ended up being just what I needed that morning. Some call it moving medication – It’s another tool to help remind you to get in touch with your physical being.

Too often people look outside of themselves to try to solve their problems, when they could be better suited to turn in and take better care of themselves. Physical and mental balance, and promoting good energy flow within your body no matter what system or religion you follow is important!

Have a beautiful week! Take some time for you! I’ve made a bit more time for craft night – Incense holder – Burn one for me! 😉

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