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Use Yoga to keep your house cleaner!

I have a very close friend who has taken the last few months to focus on minimalism in her life. Some of our friends tease her occasionally, as she has a love of Disney nick knacks (us Floridians are disney LOVERS) but I really admire the initiative. I’ve recently have been inspired to do a bit of the same as I continue my journey and studies in yoga.

There are 8 Limbs of yoga, the first two limbs containing 5 Yama’s and Niyamas. Of the 5 Niyamas, I’d like to touch a little on Saucha (known as cleanliness or purity) that is one of the prescribed self disciplines to bring balance into your life.

Cleaning has been ensuing in our house! Taking care of what you have, is just an extension of taking care of yourself. If you have more things than you can humanly care for – consider making some more space in your life and releasing anything not adding value. Over the past month or two, I’ve been putting a real effort toward cleaning, getting rid of things, and removing clutter from my life. I wanted to share a few things that I have done that have really helped me bring some order and balance to my chaos.

1. Organize, organize, organize
First off – I do have to give quite a bit of credit to my other half for this one – his mom keeps an impressively clean house. He’s taught me the system behind “things have a place” which is something I didn’t really follow to before :P. Things had general ….areas… hrm. .cough. I really started to dig in, arrange my things in a functional way.. and then PUT THEM BACK where they belong afterward. It’s so much easier to get ready to go to work in the morning when everything has a place.. Before it was pure chaos! Where is that shirt that I want? Oh, and my hairbrush? Keys? Phone? I’d pace, room to room, trying to gather before sprinting out the door. I’d get home, scatter it around, then do it all over again. Madness I tell you. Madness! This has been a game changer. I’ve even labeled my dresser of which clothes go where (this is just how my brain works – haha), and color coded my closet. It’s beautiful and coordinated and everything I could ever want in a closet.. haha.

Nice to see what I’ve got going on in there

2. De-Clutter and Re-gift
I’ve been real with myself, and set aside new or gently used things that I’m never going to or no longer using into a cabinet with my gift wrap and cards. It’s incredibly handy to have a few odds and ends to add in to a gift I’ve bought or made for someone – especially if I know that they will use it more than I would have. I don’t think there is anything wrong with a good re-gift, especially if it is paired with another little something that you did pick out special for that person.

The gift cabinet!.. full of mystery and wonder.. oooooo 🙂

3. Arranging things conveniently for use & cleaning 
Let’s face it. You might be a little more inclined to do that chore you hate, if everything is centrally located. Cat litter, trash can, scoop, broom, wet wipes.. all within my short wingspan.. 😉 haha. The yoga corner has the incense, mats, bolsters, blocks, my dharma wheel, and little weights. My purse area…. so I don’t drop my stuff all over the house when I get home. It was a cute little find from the thrift store.

4. Make a daily cleaning schedule

ESPECIALLY with pets, there are some things that HAVE to be done regularly. Fuzzballs and dust bunnies gather in groups in strange corners in my house…. I’ve set up a planner and laid out my week. I try my best to stick to it. The other nice thing, is even if I miss one day, I’ve set it up where it doesn’t go too long without my attention. It really makes the one day a week where I do a bit deeper of a clean that much easier.

5. Do a little every day
Another friend of mine gave a nice tip that he and his S.O. have put an effort toward. I remember his bachelor pad from college.. so this was impressive to me! 15-20 minutes a day can really do wonders. Put away a few things, wipe something down, maybe take out some trash or throw in a load of laundry.

Because why go a week without a cat photo.

All the things together – have have brought me closer to Saucha in a manageable way. Or at least as close as I’ll get for now..

Now that you mention it, Maybe I’ll do a bit of folding while I watch Avatar the last Airbender. Have a great and loving week!! Take some time, and do something for you!


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