Savory Vegetarian Taco Recipie

Here’s a meal I cooked for myself and my better half. . I was playing this really fun game called “let’s see what I can concoct before I have to make a trip to the grocery store”. I was pleased with the results. We’ll call it… “Savory Vegetarian Tacos” 😉 Enjoy!



  • 1 can Pinto Beans (Yay! had the option of pidgin peas or pinto.. I made the right choice actually)
  • 2 Hard Boiled Eggs peeled and cut into small pieces (Don’t knock it – Eggs are magical)
  • 1 cup shredded Kale (didn’t have lettuce)
  • 1 finely chopped onions
  • 6 sliced Cherry Tomatoes
  • 4 Corn tortilla taco shells – (Found unexpectedly extra at the bottom of a box… Score)
  • 1 Cup of Basmati Rice (Cause being Filipino and spanish.. not sure what “running out of rice” is.)
  • 1 packet of sazon seasoning (*see above)
  • 1/2 Cup shredded Aged White Cheddar
  • Extra virgin olive oil to cook
Rice first, that’s the deal. Rice takes the longest… sooo. we always start that shiz FIRST.
So! Get a pot, half the onions go in first with some olive oil to saute. Then half the kale, cook that a bit, then the pinto beans, sazon and eggs. Other half of kale and onion, as well as the tomato and cheese are topping for your tacos. Trust me, the simple toppings end up being the best, and you might not miss the other stuff anyway.
 Toast up your taco shells – 350 in the oven till they crunchy.. then… set your table.. and Savor it! You made it just for you! Instead of going to Cheddar’s (MAN those crescents tho) and eating onion rings till I popped.
P.S. The secret ingredient is always love.


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