Finding your True Self & Perspective

Who am I at my best? I choose to be present and not let my past define my future. I know that I’m not alone on this earth. I’m human, and there are stories many of us share.






Checking in with how I feel,

I feel now, that it’s best to choose the perception of your life that paints the best version of reality. It’s not always easy.. It takes practice. If I find myself out of focus, feeling the impact…I come back to my breath and check in.  Let everything go for a moment and allow the ripples in my mind to settle. If I close my eyes, breath, pause, and then look back up….  maybe because I was still, the picture is a little clearer. Maybe I release the clutter, and take another look around. Maybe I let every thought drift out of my mind.


Deep exhales, and release…

Perhaps I acknowledge that I don’t feel up emotionally, and that I don’t have to have a reason, and that sometimes ….that’s just another thing that humans have to do. We all have ups and downs during different seasons.

 Does it feel gentler if?

——– I take nothing personally, because another person’s energy, is not mine – and I don’t have to accept it as a portion of my own. It does not mean I’m not their friend, and I’m still a good person. But I don’t have to take others hook of negativity if that is the path they have chosen for the day.


Inhale, lengthen.

As I lay out my options, I choose what feels best.

Exhale, allow yourself to hang.. Focus back on your intention…..

  • Am I a tainted, divorced 24-year-old? Or, am I a woman who was brave enough to overcome judgements, and remove herself from an unhealthy situation?
  • Am I a nervous newbie teacher? Or, am I a diligent study, with a love of knowledge and sharing it with others so they too can benefit?
  • Am I punching in & out at the office, like another one of the numbers? Or, do I acknowledge I have a stable income and the opportunity to learn, and to be a part of something successful at profiting, that is larger than myself?
  • Am I in an old 60’s house, needing repair, on the wrong side of the train tracks as I hear it go by? Or, am I sitting in my comfortable bed, next to the man I love more than anything in the world while he gently snores, enjoying a soft blanket, clean water to drink, a loving kitty cat snuggling my feet, all whilst typing a blog article on a pretty nice laptop?

The latter of all the above stated. That being said, I think I’ll snuggle in and join them.


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